Here are some of the answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers, concerning our products.


  • What kind of fabric do you use?

    We use 100% cotton of the finest quality, and our seams are all overlocked so it will not fray out.

  • Are your bedding products machine washable?

    Yes they are. We include care instructions with all our products.

  • How do we take care of quilts?

    As our quilts are made of mostly imported, 100% cotton material, they will last forever provided they are properly cared for. They are machine washable (cold cycle) with a mild detergent. Fabric softeners will not harm our quilts.

  • Can you at later stage add on to our collection?

    Yes we can, but as we are governed on what is locally available (and these sources may sell out of certain ranges), we cannot guarantee that we can source the specific material again, but we can try our best to find something close to it. In the case of panels (material with a set picture of a specific theme) the availability might be a challenge, but can easily be overcome by a hand painted product.

  • How long will it take to complete a linen set or quilt?

    Depending on the size and difficulty of the pattern/picture/theme, it may take up to 4 - 6 weeks. With each order/request we will provide the customer with the lead time.


  • What kind of paint do you use?

    The paints we use on either fabric, wall or canvas are made from the highest quality pigments and binders. They are environmentally friendly and safe to use near children.

  • Are the paints lead free and safe to use near children?

    Yes, all of the paints we use are perfectly safe, as per the manufacturer's specifications.

  • Are products painted with fabric paint permanent and machine washable?

    Yes they are, but even though they are machine washable, it is preferable to hand wash separately (cold cycle).

  • Do you have any additional information about the paints you use?

    Fabric Paint:


    The fabric paint we use is soft and flexible, and it will not crack, peel or harden over time.


    Craft Paint:


    The paint we use is of superior quality and non-toxic. All colours dry to a durable satin, waterproof finish. Built-in UV resistance allows the paints to be used both in and outdoors.




    We use environmentally friendly paint that is completely lead-free.

  • Do you have some stock readily available?

    Tooth fairy and Tandemuis pillows: Yes


    Baby quilts/play mats: Various single items.

  • I’m not sure what I want, do you have examples?

    We do have examples (single and sets) to spark the imagination, and we also have more than enough wonderful ideas to inspire our customers.

  • Did you draw /paint everything yourself?

    We get our inspitation from books and pictures provided to us, and recreate it onto the items you have selected with materials of your choice. Either with paint or material in the form of patchwork, applique or, a combination there of.


  • Do you provide gift vouchers?

    Yes we do, we provide a gift card, to the value of your choosing, with a unique number on it that can be redeemed at any time. This makes a great baby shower gift as well.

  • Where can I get your price list?

    By dropping us an e-mail we can connect with you and provide you with a tailor made quote for the items that you need. As easy as that.

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